The situation of the Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI) was discussed during the FIFA Associations Committee which was held in Zurich on 1 March and during the FIFA Executive Committee held in Zurich on 3 March. 
The FIFA Executive Committee made the following decision: "The PSSI should organise the general assembly on 26 March 2011 to elect the electoral commission and adopt an electoral code based on the FIFA standard electoral code. The electoral commission will then organise elections before 30 April 2011. In addition, if the PSSI is not able to regain control of the breakaway league, the case will be submitted to the FIFA Executive Committee for a potential suspension."
The Executive Committee has also acknowledged that the PSSI Appeal Committee has invalidated the application of the four candidates running for PSSI presidency.
The FIFA President, the FIFA Secretary General and the FIFA Director of Associations have met representatives of the PSSI on Monday 7 March and the Indonesian ambassador in Switzerland as well as the Chairwoman of the Indonesian NOC on Tuesday 8 March in Zurich at the Home of FIFA. They explained the decision of the FIFA Executive Committee during the meetings. No new decision or new actions were decided during these meetings.